Why Smart Homebuyers Hire Home Inspectors

May 2, 2019

Why Smart Homebuyer Need A Home Inspection on A New House

There are important reasons why new home buyers should always get a home inspection before moving in a new house. A home inspection can provide valuable insights into your property’s construction, as well as the chance to prevent costly repairs on your home.
1. New homes are not perfect
Building a home is a complex process involving many different subcontractors. Each of the subcontractor works on a different work scope in the house is usually without regard to the others. With all the separate activities occurring at the same time, it is nearly impossible for the builder to carefully check all phases of construction. Also, the work quality of the labour is difficult to control, defects are always existing in a newly constructed house.
2. Unseen and Unpredicted Problems
In fact, not all the defects are easily detected. When the defects are not visible, they are mostly be ignored as lack of proper inspection. Although it is a new house now, it may cause a big problem to the owner in a long term. The most effective way is using some tools and equipment to inspect your new house properly.
3. Your Rights
The house buyers should know their rights to claim the warranty during the defect’s liability period. Developers will have to repair any defect or fault in a new house as there is a defect liability period of 24 months. To ensure all the defects completely inspected, the house buyer should appoint a home inspector.
4. Cost Efficient
Cost is not an inhibiting factor for a home inspection. An inspection cost is worth for investment. A quality home inspection can keep you from having to pay tens of thousands of dollars in repairs costs. You will always benefit more than the cost of your home inspection.
5. Peace of Mind
An inspection report guarantees that you understand the condition of the home. And when the defects being rectified, can ultimately bring you peace of mind. All in all, you don’t want any major surprises shortly after moving into your new home. You have actual physical documentation that informs you of the condition of the home especially on new construction.

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