Handover Inspection

Handover Inspection

General Handover Inspection Information

A handover inspection is a report for the buyer of a newly constructed home and takes place prior to the buyer taking possession of their new home, once the building work has been completed.

Generally, inspection is the final stage in the building construction in term of defect liability period. It is essential in the home building process to ensure home buyers that their new home has been done to the agreed upon standards and properly completed.

As an independent party, we work for the buyer to identify any outstanding defects and/or incomplete finishes, making sure the building will meet industry standards. A handover inspection and report highlight in detail any minor defects in quality, omissions, imperfections, as well as general building defects and poor workmanship, following a thorough inspection of all areas of the new property.

Basic price to carry out a Handover Inspection service start at RM500 for a unit. The charges are subject to few factors which is property type, build up size area and location of the property. Please contact us for an accurate quote.