A need for professional home inspector

May 6, 2019

Let the Professional Secure Your Home

Although the law provides an 18- or 24-month warranty (whichever is applicable) for owners to refer defects to the developers, buyers do not know what to look out for as they don’t have the expertise to suss out or foresee inconspicuous defects.
Many buyers are unaware that getting building inspectors to inspect their homes can save them a lot of heartache at the end of the day. By getting these professionals to conduct defect checks, owners will be able to identify problems early and get them rectified before they escalate. They have the trained eye to identify faults disguised by cosmetic improvements, which may be missed by the laymen.
Then, the inspectors will examine a property and submit a report, which includes recommendations for follow-up action. The follow up action would speed up the rectification process.

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