We have compiled answers to some commonly asked questions about Home Inspection and our property defects inspection services.

Below these commonly asked questions are a series of guides. These will help you choose the right services and make an informed decision about your requirements.

What is Home Inspection Service?
Home Inspection is a visual examination of each components in the property. The components included architecture, mechanical and electrical works. For defects could not be track by human eye, it would be inspected by equipment’s technology. We intend to find out the unacceptable workmanship and incomplete works. After thorough inspection, the result will be reported in a written document
When do I engage a Home Inspection Service?
It's always recommended to inspect your house once you've collected your keys, turned on your utility services and right before you start for renovation. Without the water and electrical supply, we would unable to check and test the mechanical and sanitary fittings. Inspect your house before renovation, this will avoid the dispute on the defective works claim with the developer.
Why do I need a Home Inspection Service?
Home inspection is important and essential especially for the new type property. A home inspection specialist is able to find out the poor workmanship quality and defects. This will reduce your repairing cost in future.
What is the service charge?
Our basic charges are nett RM500, no hidden cost after service too. The charges are subject to few factors which is property type, build up size area and location of the property. You may send in your request and we will quote you accordingly.
What is the standard / qualification for your inspection service?
Our inspection service follows InterNACHI standard of practice and Construction Industry Standard CIS 7:2014 Quality Assessment System For Building Construction Works which developed by Construction Industry Development Board Malaysia (CIDB).
What is the scope of inspection service?
Our inspection included three components which is architectural, mechanical and electrical works. All these components included the ceiling, internal/ external wall surface, floor, door, windows function, staircase, fixture, sanitary fittings, electrical testing, drainage system, water leakage test and so on.
What is the next after confirmation of this service?
Upon the confirmation, we will collect the keys and necessary documents from you before inspection. Also, we will send you a proforma invoice and arrange an appointment with our inspector.
Any documents required upon confirmation?
Yes, you need to provide us the property layout plan in S&P agreement
Do I need to present during inspection day?
Normally we will conduct the inspection assessment for few hours on-site. If you are free, you can join the inspection together and we would give an instant report on the day.
How do I make payment?
If you confirmed to engage our service, we will send you a Proforma invoice. You can make full payment through online transfer and show us the receipt. And we will issue tax invoice and official receipt to you.
When can I get the inspection report?
We will send you a soft copy (pdf) of defects inspection report via email within 24 hours after the inspection service. The hard copy will be delivered to you soonest.

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