May 14, 2019

Group Buy Offer

Enjoy great deals together. Simply gather your neighbours and be entitled up to 30% group buy discount! A group of 5 persons will get 25% discount for each of their house inspection service fees. Engage us with a best price now...
May 14, 2019

Customer Referral Program

Now you will get a chance to earn a referral fee by referring our inspection service to your friends and family.Introduce us to as many as people to engage our service and you will like to receive RM50 per deal closed. The more of your friends and family engage our service, the more you can earn your referral fee! The more of your friends and family engage our service, the more you can earn your referral fee...
May 6, 2019

A need for professional home inspector

Although the law provides an 18- or 24-month warranty (whichever is applicable) for owners to refer defects to the developers, buyers do not know what to look out for as they don’t have the expertise to suss out or foresee inconspicuous defects...
May 6, 2019

Find Out What Our Inspector Do

Our Home Inspector conducts comprehensive assessments on properties, identifying defects and unacceptable workmanship finishes within two specific fields – architecture and mechanical & electrical (M&E) basic fittings...
May 2, 2019

Home Inspections Can Save Buyers Money

The “Defect Liability Clause” in the sale and purchase agreement (SPA) states that the developer is required to repair and make good, at its own cost and expenses, any defects, shrinkage or other faults that become apparent within a period ...
May 2, 2019

Why Smart Homebuyers Hire Home Inspectors

There are important reasons why new home buyers should always get a home inspection before moving in a new house. A home inspection can provide valuable insights into your property’s construction, as well as the chance to prevent costly repairs on your home...

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