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May 2, 2019

Find Out What Our Inspector Do

Our Home Inspector conducts comprehensive assessments on properties, identifying defects and unacceptable workmanship finishes within two specific fields – architecture and mechanical & electrical (M&E) basic fittings.
There are six architectural finishes and one M&E finishes needed to be inspected specifically. The six architectural finishes included floor, wall, ceiling, door, window and fixtures whereas the M&E finishes are referring to the basic M&E fittings and components such as electrical power points, switches, shower mixer, floor trap, water tap and others. For landed houses, we would also inspect staircases, railings, gates, boundary walls, drains, external walls and other works not normally found in condominiums.
After all the assessment, a detailed defect report will be generated which used to initiate a defects rectification process. A proper inspection report is important to ensure the rights of the homebuyers being protected.

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