About Home Inspection

Home Inspection is committed to providing quality inspection services for your home and properties.

Together with our team of professional home inspectors, we look out for even the finest of defects, resulting in client satisfaction.

Our inspection team will inspect your property according to industry quality standards. If not found satisfactory, we will comment in the final defect report so the developer can do the necessary rectification works. This guarantees our client’s right during the defect liability period.

Make a small investment now and save big in the future.

When you are buying a home, a home inspection can save you big in unexpected headaches. Most people will ignore the importance of a defects inspection. They might check the property themselves without proper technical knowledge in order to save money and time.
In fact, getting your house professionally inspected for priority defects will save you money and time in the long run! Our thorough inspection reports will allow you to know the true condition of your property and save you a massive load of grief and money when purchasing a house.

Make a small investment and save big in the future.

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Why Choose Us

  • Peace of Mind - We are an independent defects inspection service company and are committed to helping you have peace of mind by identifying defective works in your property.
  • Cost and Time Savings - We have specialized tools to look for the finest and unexpected defects to help you save repair costs in future.
  • Certified Inspector - Our inspectors are professional, trusted, and well-trained adhering to Home Inspection Malaysia's Standards of Practice.
  • Report within 24 hours - We can provide a detailed report within 24 hours.
  • Instant Reporting - You are invited to attend the inspection and we'll give you a verbal report on the same day.